Organizational Development

Evolving Skills and Knowledge – Everything Old Is New Again

Sometimes I feel like an impostor, a simple conduit for ideas that have come before me. For example, it fascinates me to realize that Aristotle studied and taught rhetoric, and now I stand in college classrooms teaching communication skills.

I was accepted into the Organizational Communication Masters Program at California State University, Chico, in 1999. I excitedly imagined sitting next to the Aristotles of the day, enthralled by their brilliant remarks. Likewise, I presumed the Aristotles of the day would be teaching our courses. The reality check was immediately evident: I was one of the few people in the room who had held a job in the private sector and who was self-supporting. The banter was primarily a regurgitation of text book content.

A 16 volume collection of articles was required as reading for one of the org comm classes I took that semester. My intention with this blog is to revisit those articles and respond to them, now with more than 15 years additional work experience. I invite you on this journey with me through our shared Word Press experience.

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