Organizational Development

Evolve Your Communication Efficiency Measuring Stick

Organizational communication is complex and merging manager styles into a functional communication system requires a basic understanding of three primary aspects: rhetorical theory (business writing and speaking), human relations, and management-organization theory. My work as a trainer typically supports increased individual efficiency so organizations can be more efficient. A common obstacle to communication efficiency is understanding “successful” communication is not always “efficient” and efficient communication does not always lead to meeting individual goals.

For example, when you take the communication “low road” in an effort to get your needs met (success), even though you know the communication “high road” would be more efficient or healthy, your actions become part of the organizational communication problem instead of being part of the solution. And yet…if you had it to do again, would you do the same thing? It probably depends on how important the outcome was to your values.

Are you manipulating or leading? Are you being persuasive or close-minded? All of the above? How do you measure these differences? This week pay attention to your communication decisions and attempt to determine each day: was my communication efficient? Were my communication efforts successful? How do I know?

Pictured: Shawn Volland, Training Partner at the Butte College Training Place

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