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Evolve Your Internal Communication Skill Set!

According to the Redding & Thompkins article titled, A Panoramic View: Conceptual Foundations (1900 – 1970), the study of organizational communication became more “scientific” in the 1950s and 1960s. “Researchers became preoccupied with ‘internal’ communication phenomena, relegating the study of ‘external’ communication to the periphery of attention. Meanwhile, starting around the time of World War I, two new fields rapidly evolved into major specialties: public relations and advertising.”

In current training environments, I continue the emphasis internal communication with coworkers, and external communication with those who purchase our products and services. A common issue is employees who focus on excellent communication externally, but then hang up the phone or walk away from front counters or their desks to become core communication problems on their teams.

Evolving your communication skill set required an OPEN MIND instead of a FIXED MIND. If I suggest a new approach to training or marketing and the person responds, “I don’t do that,” it is challenging not to respond with, “Yes, I’m aware, and that’s part of the problem!” Fixed mind sets do not grow or evolve an organization.

This week pay attention to those times when you allow yourself to demonstrate less-than-excellent communication internally. What justifications do you come up with? “They know me,” or, “We trust each other,” and “It doesn’t matter how I communicate, he/she never listens anyway,” are some of the common stories people tell themselves to justify ineffective communication. Break internal communication bad habits that limit your overall success. Choose instead to EVOLVE your internal communication skill set!

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From Average Student to Academic Rock Star!

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