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How Two Wrecks Led To One Book Launch

Last year at this time I was recovering from two auto accidents. The first occurred when I came around a corner on a mountain highway to see a car stopped in my lane. I got around that car, but could not avoid a second car involved in the accident which took place a moment before I came around that corner.

One week later a friend was driving me to Sacramento to visit my father who was recovering from emergency heart surgery. We were in a horrible wreck, slammed by two cars going at least 65 mph. The passenger seat I was in took such a hit it was bent and facing the driver’s seat when we came to a stop. My first words were, “I’m hurt. I’m going to need an ambulance”.

A few weeks later when the fall semester started at Butte College, I let the Chair of my department know I was not able to teach classes – I didn’t have the physical or mental stamina to create the energetic and fun environment on which my reputation was built. When it was clear I wasn’t ready to be scheduled for spring semester either, I realized it was time to redirect the academic side of my career.

I determined to convert my teaching and training content to online courses and books. I’ve learned so much during this past year – I put myself through online business boot camp. I enrolled in Udemy’s course on how to build classes on their platform. I listened to podcasts every work night that highlighted entrepreneurs and authors. A few months ago I launched my first online course and this week the corresponding book launched on Amazon. Click on this link to check it out:

See Catherine’s Book!

I continue to train employees and recently kicked off the Supervisor and Communication series’ at The Butte College Training Place. Yesterday after my training, a client remarked: “It’s so refreshing to have a trainer who tells it like it is. That’s so rare anymore.” I tried to stay true to that training voice in my book.

If you know people starting college, I am confident they can benefit from reading this book because it’s built on the orientation I developed over my 15 years in the college classroom. Student’s needs guided the development of my orientation.

If you are at a place in life which requires you to redirect your career, I encourage you to consider the ways you can contribute to other people. I’ve been a professional trainer for more than 25 years and a college instructor for more than 15 years, so my career is built on supporting the success of others. I’m now taking those efforts to a global market place. It’s a lot of work and requires tremendous focus. If you are willing to do what other’s aren’t willing to do, you can experience uncommon results!

This week focus on your next steps in your career. How are you evolving your skills and knowledge? I met with a coaching client this week who has become incredibly burnt out in her job. The reason? Her personal life was falling apart and she allowed herself to try and get most of her needs met through her job. She is currently redirecting to set new goals and establish an action plan that will have her taking responsibility for her own development. It’s not realistic to depend on your organization to develop and mentor you – plan to evolve on your time, not your employer’s dime, and reach out to establish your own circle of mentors.

When discussing her career path, someone recently said to me, “I just want to be independently wealthy”. My response: wealth comes through contribution. I don’t know a lot of people who are going to pay you to focus on yourself!

In closing, I thank you for reading. I started this blog primarily to establish the habit of blog writing because I knew books and online courses were on the way. I started out focusing my blog on Organization Development because that’s what I do for the companies who contract me. For today, though, it feels great to reach out to you individually. Have a great week!

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