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8 Key Areas of Life – 3 Month Check Point

We are three months into 2016. Many people have slipped back into behavior patterns that aren’t serving them, even though they establish resolutions to change those habits this year. Review the 8 key areas of life in this article as a check point on your 2016 satisfaction level!

Establishing and maintaining habits that result in a satisfied or  extremely satisfied life requires focus and planning. As part of my Attitude Management training, participants rate each area of their lives. For any area below satisfied, an action plan is created to improve the satisfaction level in that area.

Since we are all working with the same 24 hours a day, sometimes adjustments need to be made that might move “Extremely Satisfied” to a “Satisfied” rating as we budget our time and energy to make an improvement in another area. The specific action plan for 2016 should be measurable on a daily/weekly basis.

While many clients want to focus on the final outcome, it’s critical to focus on the ACTIVITIES that lead to the final outcome. As long as you do this activity, this many times per day/week, you will achieve the desired goal by the goal date. It’s important that goals aren’t mutually exclusive, meaning – if you achieve your goal in one area of your life, your goal in another area falls apart. Most important for creating momentum is taking action NOW, today – at least in the next 24 hours so the energy around the action plan is initiated. This makes people feel great and is often a relief for those who have put off taking action for years.

After the rating and action plan activity is complete, clients then write a two-year vision statement. The vision statement is written in the present tense, as if it is already happening, and includes each area of life. This is a powerful exercise that has changed the lives of many of my clients.

You can get started today by using this worksheet to rate the areas of your life and create a specific action plan!

Balancing The 8 Key Areas Of Your Life

Rate your satisfaction level in each area:

0 = Dissatisfied                                        10 = Completely Satisfied

  1. Physical Environment:

Plan for improvement:

People who can support you in this change:

  1. Career:

Plan for improvement:

People who can support you in this change:

  1. Day To Day Finances That Support Long-Term Financial Goals:

Plan for improvement:

People who can support you in this change:

  1. Physical Health:

Plan for improvement:

People who can support you in this change:

  1. Emotional/Spiritual Health – Personal Growth:

Plan for improvement:

People who can support you in this change:

  1. Friends And Family – Quality Time:

Plan for improvement:

People who can support you in this change:

  1. Fun And Recreation:

Plan for improvement:

People who can support you in this change:

  1. Romance – yes, includes married and single life choices:

Plan for improvement:

Person/People who can support you in this change:


Many of my clients and college students created “vision boards” based on their two-year vision statement. This is something they can look at every day for a visual reminder of their dreams and goals. Many created products beyond poster board and cut out images. Some of my favorites included a quilted “book” which included one “page” for each area of life, a mobile with boxes that represented each area of life, a large box with smaller pull-out items for each area of life, and then there was the student who wrote his vision song and performed it for our class! It’s a terrific exercise that gives you creative freedom to visualize your future in whatever way is most powerful for you. Have fun!


My focus is training front line employees, supervisors, and managers so they can reach their highest potential in their careers. I also taught college level Business Communication and Employee Readiness courses for 15 years. Employees and students tell me my courses change their lives for the better, and my evaluations consistently rate me as an engaged and motivational speaker. I decided to produce a podcast in the effort to support a broader audience of people in higher levels of job satisfaction and productivity, as well as encourage people to find jobs for which they are a good fit.

If you know anyone getting ready to start college, or even at a crossroads in life trying to put things back together in a positive way,  may I encourage you to give them my book, From Average Student to Academic Rock Star? This is my foundational college orientation available on Amazon in paperback. Set up like a workbook with action steps, this information has helped thousands of people get their goals on track. Some readers are purchasing it as a gift, and then deciding to keep it for themselves because of the life lessons addressed in the book.  Check it out on Amazon!

From Average Student to Academic Rock Star!

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