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5 Key Discussion Factors-Personal Needs

Read now for immediate impact on your ability to meet coworker personal needs, even during challenging discussions. Don’t have time to read now? FREE downloadable printable PDF of this article: get it now, read it later by sending email request for 5 Key Principles at:

The natural state of the work environment is facing challenges conversations which can be uncomfortable for both parties. Often these conversations are based meeting practical needs: following work processes, having the tools and resources needed to do our jobs, adhering to break schedules, etc.

If you have role responsibility for offering constructive coaching for employees, it’s important to meet that person’s PERSONAL NEEDS, even when dealing with practical issues. These personal needs don’t have to be addressed in a particular order, but if you can tap into each one, you will be a more dynamic leader.

  1. Maintain or enhance self esteem
    • Sincere and specific feedback is required
    • Effective leaders build employee self-esteem through the coaching process
  2. Listen and respond with empathy – walk that mile in their shoes, or work boots
    • We are all different
    • It’s okay – and even good – we are different: differences promote company growth through expanded ideas and perspectives
    • I want to understand this situation from your point of view – I want to learn from you.
  3. Encourage involvement through open-ended questions and prompts
    • Tell me more
    • What are your ideas?
    • How do you think we can make this better?
    • How would you like it to be handled differently next time?
  4. Build trust through honest sharing
    • I’ve been there and made similar mistakes.
    • Our working relationship is important to me, so I’d like us to work together to make this better.
    • I feel frustrated when this same situation keeps coming up, but I know how much I used to hate it when my supervisor micro-managed me.
  5. Offer support without removing responsibility
    • How can I support you?
    • What do you need from me?
    • I’ll come by tomorrow and check in with you to see how it’s going.

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40 hours a week is a big chunk of time out of each of our lives. That time can be more rewarding if we know how to and practice meeting coworker personal needs.


The 5 Key Principles are based on the High-Impact Feedback and Listening training I facilitate as a certified trainer for Development Dimensions International.

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