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Is it possible to master positive attitude habits?

One of the most common requests I receive is coaching employees toward an attitude shift. People often ask if it’s possible to change attitude. Based on feedback from people I’ve worked with, the answer is YES – if people are willing to approach attitude training with an open and flexible mindset.

After so many clients and college students asking for my “attitude book”, I put my training curriculum into a text + workbook people beyond my training room can benefit from these tools and action plans. This content is based 15 years of training and capturing the techniques that had the most immediate impact on the most people.

The is not fancy trainer speak wrapped in endless anecdotes about imagined or real clients. This is an action planner that can create real-life change for those who are are willing to do the work to manage their mindsets. This is no magic bullet. It’s disciplined work to raise self awareness and try new approaches in daily life.

The book launched this week on Amazon and one organization has already purchased it for all their employees! You can get it here:

LIVE IT! *Click* Here – Get Book – Get to Work

Have you ever fallen into an “attitude rut” as you were trying to achieve your work goals and balance all the demands of life?

So much of our time is spent at work – there must be tools and techniques available so we can lift ourselves up, right?

This book provides you with attitude tools you can use immediately.

This is a book and workbook in one: you will be trained on concepts to manage your mindset, and then you will make specific plans so you can establish positive attitude habits.

Your attitude directly impacts your personal and professional growth, and your direction in life. There are things you can start doing right away to point your life in the direction that will help you meet goals, increase your job satisfaction level, and enhance your relationships.

  • Mastering Positive Attitude Habits = Highest Potential for Appropriate RESPONSE (critical thinking skills).
  • Unmanaged Attitude Habits = High Risk for Inappropriate REACTION (primarily emotional, not necessarily based in factual reality).

The problem is, people in negative habits and limited mental patterns rarely realize it. In fact, they often describe themselves as positive people and as the hardest working employees in their organizations.

There is a disconnect between how they think of themselves and how they behave. Their coworkers and families have to deal with their behaviors. This lack of self-awareness and the resulting negative behaviors can threaten the health of individuals, organizations, and communities.

The people around YOU have to deal with YOUR behaviors. Read this book and minimize the chances of living in a disconnected realm that might be limiting your career.

Who should read this book and complete the action assignments?

  • People who consistently demonstrate positive attitude habits can benefit from reading this book because the tips and action steps will help you maintain your positive attitude. Some of the people who especially enjoy my trainings are those who are already motivated on their journey of personal evolvement and soak up tools and information that fuels their passion for life!
  • Parents who want to raise children with positive attitude habits should definitely read this book because every tip can became a conversation point between you and your children. You can modify the action assignments to become activities for younger children or include teens in the action assignments as they are written.
  • People who are thinking about getting married and newlyweds are establishing the habits that will be stamped on their relationship unless conscious changes are made. When relationships are new it is the perfect time to work on these action assignments together and discover your individual mindset challenges and strengths as well as recognize attitude aspects where one person might be stronger than the other and can provide additional support.
  • Single people who hope to attract a positive partner would be wise to read this book and follow the action assignments. Doing so increases the likelihood of being the type of person a positive person would be attracted to.
  • Anyone in “giving careers” such as teaching or healthcare can use the action assignments in this book to rejuvenate yourselves. In my work as a performance coach, people in these types of fields give so much of themselves away, it is particularly challenging to get them to take care of themselves. As a result, many wear out their spirits and become cloaked in resentment, feeling let-down by others. This book is a method for investing in your emotional bank after years of withdrawals made on behalf of other people.
  • Many of my students and clients confess they’ve had no positive mentors in their lives, which is why my college classes and professional trainings have been so impactful on their lives. This little book is not going to be the same as a positively powerful person in the room with you. However, I believe the action assignments have potential to open the pathways to you connecting with more positive people.
  • Individuals and couples stuck in a rut of familiarity and comfort zone habits can use this book to kick-start their lives. This content might help you define an attitude destination, and more importantly, it can inspire transformation.
  • Some people are motivated internally and some people need external motivators, most often in the form of feedback from others. If you are the type who seeks external motivation and you happen to be in a situation lacking the feedback you seek, let me be your cheerleader in the form of this book!
  • A notable irony has occurred over the years. The people who think they don’t need attitude training and get frustrated – even angry – about being required by their employers to attend training, are the people who need training the most and they don’t realize it. If you are reading this because someone gave you the book as a gift and you’re thinking, “I don’t need any damn positive attitude book,” then please prioritize this work!

If you recognized yourself in any of the above bullet points, you can pick up the book here:

*Click* here as a favor to yourself and those around you! 😉

When I’m hired as a performance coach to assist people with an attitude shift, I am sometimes provided with examples of the things they’ve done or said that have been problematic at work.

I ask: “Did you do this?” or “Did you say this?”

A typical response is some version of this: “Yes, but that’s not who I really am,” or, “I only did that because (blame)”.

If I am your performance coach and you say something like that to me, expect a reply similar to this: “Well, you may believe that’s not who you really are, but that’s exactly who you are being. If who you are being doesn’t match who you want to be, then let’s take a look at that and figure out what’s going on.”

Internal conflicts are often projected onto others and action plans in this book will assist you in resolving some internal conflicts.

If you are blaming others for your behaviors, I might say something like, “When you put other people in charge of your behaviors what is the result and how does that make you feel? Let’s work together so you can reclaim your attitude and the behaviors resulting from your attitude.”

Don’t worry: working on your attitude doesn’t mean you’re going to have to walk around like a cheerful dope pretending to “like” everyone.

Mastering positive attitude habits means you manage the spectrum of your emotions in healthy and positive ways. It means you have the discipline to remain hopeful in spite of the challenges you face. It means you have the stamina to keep doing your best when others are willing to settle for mediocrity. And in leadership it means you consistently strive to live in your highest potential and inspire the highest potential in others.

Attitude management is a continuous process.

This book will support you through the process by helping you achieve these objectives:

  1. Develop the competencies required for mastering positive attitude habits. This includes awareness of how your temperament, personality, and emotional intelligence levels impact the attitude you demonstrate.
  2. Apply practical tips for managing your mind set.
  3. Practice daily analysis of making distinctions between external events out of your control and situations within your control or influence.
  4. Refine appropriate responses while expanding your productive influence.
  5. Create an “Attitude Plan” for habituating a positive mind set resulting in behaviors and communication patterns to support your success.

I have worked with many people working on weight loss, so it is easy for me to think of training in a “before” and “after” picture context:

Before attitude training: unconscious reactions to circumstances, unhealthy attempts to control people, blaming others for feelings and outcomes, and disproportional displays of emotion and personalization.

After attitude training: reduced fear of experiencing a range of emotions, ability to understand what is felt and why it’s felt, enhanced focus on goals and awareness of how negative habits impact goal achievement, developed ability to recognize how our actions impact others, freedom from unproductive personalization, and daily planning for attitude factors.

What have you got to lose? *Get the book here*

This book is based on the training I’ve presented to thousands of employees and college students. I am confident the material will be useful for you because I’ve seen dramatic responses during my training sessions and received so much feedback and thanks for how helpful the information has been for people.

Organized like a training manual, the book lays out each attitude tip and after each tip you complete an action planner to ensure you receive highest value from this book and ultimately from your investment of time and focused effort on mastering positive attitude habits.

Don’t be that person who thinks you don’t need outside input and tools for doing this important work. There are many people who tell themselves they will work on their attitudes by themselves by just by thinking about it… and then one day they wake up, a decade older and still having the same issues that continue to limit their life plans, careers, and relationships.

The most important step is this first step: if you are reading this in the book preview, buy the book NOW and spark your momentum. Learning to make decisions sooner and acting on those decisions is one way to start feeling better about yourself immediately. If you haven’t done this kind of work before, IT IS OKAY! I’ve been a trainer for more than 25 years and know how to take good care of people through information that is understandable and actionable.

I’ve trained people from all walks of life and all educational backgrounds; no matter where you are in life, you will be able to read this book and apply the tools immediately. All you have to bring to the experience is an open mind and the willingness to expand your self-awareness and try some new behaviors. I provide the path, but the exciting transformation will come from within YOU.

Mastering positive attitude habits isn’t based in common sense, which is why it hasn’t become common practice for millions of people. Once you get the book and start managing your mindset, I think it will blow your mind when you see what’s going on around you with new eyes. One thing that will be revealed is how many people really need to do this work and they don’t know it – another thing that will be revealed with gratitude and humility is how happy and relieved you’ll be that you ARE doing the work!

Inconsistency is a problem for many employees. As long as things go their way, they are somewhat positive. However, being positive when people are doing what you want them to do and life is uncomplicated might create a superficial state-of-being. You don’t want the smallest inconvenience or unexpected event to put you in an attitude tailspin. By following the 15 tips in this book you will build the emotional stamina necessary for consistently appropriate behaviors, even when people and circumstances take you by surprise.

Managing your mind set is definitely a confidence booster. Mastering positive attitude habits is a competence booster. If you’ve been waiting for someone to show up in your life to boost you, stop waiting and boost yourself!

When you focus on your own evolution, your career path expands and life is more exciting because your goals become visible – and within reach.

Worst case scenario: you get the book and realize you already knew all this information and you are already taking all these actions consistently. The book validates what you are already doing.

Best case scenario: you learn one or more tips you put into action immediately and a domino effect is created, impacting one positive change after another; your life is easier, happier, and more productive.

If you’ve been waiting for “someday” to make powerful changes in your life, “someday” just got here. You have the starring role in a little movie titled, “YOUR LIFE”. Let’s make sure you are fulfilling the role in your highest potential:

You are one *click* away from an attitude shift!

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