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“It’s time to add attitude to the mix of our well-being at work!”

Guest Post By Carrie Alden, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

As a person who started out working in a “Personnel Office” at a hospital and eventually transitioned to Human Resources Director at my current organization, I’ve worked with and guided employees who span all points on the “attitude spectrum”.

Why do positive attitudes matter?  If you have ever worked with someone who is a “glass half empty,” employee or a “holding a glass that weighs far too much,” supervisor, you know the work environment can erode into a dreadful place due to negativity.  Let’s face it: we spend a lot of time at work and those hours should be, minimally, hours you enjoy because of both the work and the workers!

What is your impact at work? Leaders impact work environments greatly. Their attitudes and the attitudes they foster drive cultures that attract, engage, and retain talent – or not. I have contracted Catherine Goggia many times to assist our organization in creating the positive work culture every team needs if they are to work productively.

Much has been said about wellness at the workplace and it’s time to add attitude to the mix of our well-being at work.  It’s hard to imagine well-being without a healthy combination of flexible mindsets and positive attitude habits. Employers need employees who have the ability to “LIVE IT!” every day at work.

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With respect to finding the right applicant to hire, a wise co-worker once told me, “It’s not rocket science; attitude trumps knowledge most of the time!”  Whether you are just entering the workforce, an experienced employee looking to make a change, or a person seeking the best role fit possible in your chosen career, reading this book could give you the winning edge as you pursue your next step. Never underestimate the importance of attitude during interviews when leaders are making the decision to invest in people who can bring the most value to their organizations.

There are people you come across in your career who make a long-lasting impact, both personally and professionally.  Catherine is one of those people for me.  We go so far back, the decades now number three!  Throughout those thirty years, she has been one of the most upbeat people I know.  Even when things could be better in her life, her resiliency and attitude have been admirable and inspired me to strive for the same.

Catherine’s work is about empowering people to be the best employees and leaders they can be. The guidance provided within these pages is the result of many years of work with people on all levels of organizations. She has studied employee trends, identified common areas where they struggle, and developed reliable action plans which, when followed, can change the way people approach their jobs and their lives.

What results do you want to achieve? Reading this book is the first step toward creating your desired results. Take time and take action on every tip and you will move closer to the future you envision. Each tip builds on previous tips to create continuous feelings of progress and accomplishment.

Get this book and take action on your goals!

Catherine cautions us about being certain our perceptions are accurate. She encourages us to ask quality questions, the answers to which can become our compass for navigating daily decision-making.  There are many attitude and mindset books out there for you to choose from. Is Catherine the coach for you?

  • Making lemonade out of lemons?  Check!
  • Continuous discovery and learning?  Check!
  • Walking the attitude talk?  Check!

I have worn employee party t-shirts printed with Catherine’s fun graphic designs, utilized her skills in coaching and training, and shared many laughs with her over lunch.  She has the ability to take complex concepts and simplify them for a broad audience. She brings humor to potentially sensitive topics. She teaches people to recognize obstacles and take action to overcome those obstacles openly and honestly. She inspires people to be ready, willing, and able to accept coaching or training with a positive attitude. These are often the keys to success and/or learning.

This book, with its 15 Practical Tips for Managing Your Mindset, has the potential to do the same thing for you that Catherine’s face-to-face coaching and training programs have done for so many others. It is going to bring perspective and action planning into your daily habits that can motivate an attitude shift and the achievement of goals in each area of your life.

Please take what Catherine says to heart and mind—I am confident she will lead you on an attitude journey for which you will be grateful.

Carrie Alden, Human Resources Director,

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Great Book For Your Entire Work Team!Great Book For Your Entire Work Team!

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