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What is Innovation?

What does, “innovation,” mean to you? What does it mean within your organization? What does it mean to your customers? I worked with a manager who put together an innovation team including members from sales, engineering, and project management. I suggested they start by defining a working definition for innovation. The definition could serve as…… Continue reading What is Innovation?

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Do Leaders Get Lonely?

Holding a position in the “middle layer” of an organization can be isolating. Supervisors are no longer part of “the gang” on the front line, and they aren’t always included in the bonding activities shared by managers. Leads on manufacturing teams often have no real authority, they are responsible for managing their own tasks, and…… Continue reading Do Leaders Get Lonely?

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5 Tips: Working Productively with Challenging People

They seem to be everywhere. They are labeled, “Difficult People”. Working with Difficult People is one of the most common training topic requests I receive and my recent workshop quickly had an overflow list of registrants. How can you work productively with challenging people? What if YOU are the challenging person? Listen and gain information…… Continue reading 5 Tips: Working Productively with Challenging People

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Respond to Criticism Intelligently

Minimize Overly Emotional Responses Listen to the podcast episode related to this article: Relatable Leader RESPONDING TO CRITICISM Today I am sharing three response options when you are faced with criticism. Criticism can take us off guard and you might experience a range of emotions in a very short period of time. By memorizing these…… Continue reading Respond to Criticism Intelligently


What questions are you asking daily?

Using Questions to Manage Your Mindset Creates A Continual State of Discovery The problem is, too many people get comfortable in their day-to-day patterns and allow lazy thinking to creep into and take over their norms. Worse, they might unconsciously fall into self-talk patterns of complaining or arguing with reality, instead of using that same…… Continue reading What questions are you asking daily?